The Tuesday Club

Background: After speaking to community activists, friends and neighbours in the town, Ann is particularly interested in The Tuesday Club. This club has been active for over 30 years. It meets once a week in a church hall in Church Stretton. It is entirely run by volunteers and provides lunch, entertainment and friendship for isolated and vulnerable people in the community. Ann plans to find out more about the Tuesday Club as it sounds like a very good example of Senior Social Entrepreneuring, that has been running for a long time.
During holidays the Tuesday Club is unable to serve hot meals as the school is closed. She would like to explore different options for meals so that the Tuesday Club is not completely reliant on the school for its sustainability, and that they can serve meals throughout the whole year.

Purpose: To make sure that hot meals can be served at the Tuesday Club even though the school is closed during holidays. Therefore Ann is working on how to secure meals during the holidays.

Senior involved: Ann Patterson