Training Basic Computer Skills for Nurses 50+

Background: Jobs in the healthcare system require work with a computer. The average age of the nurses in Bulgaria is 52 years. At the professional path of nurses 40 years ago, computer technology did not exist and was not taught. Many nurses are therefore worried about working with a computer.

Purpose: To train 15 nurses, who cannot work with a computer at all. It will be shown in a practical way, how the computer system works, what are the main programs of the Windows office suite, what are the social networks, useful information sites in the field of health care, working with e-mail, learning with distance learning opportunities, Different applications.

The hope is that three effects will be achieved:

  1. To overcome the concern about working with a computer by presenting the information in an informal and friendly environment
  2. Promote interest in social communication through a variety of communication channels
  3. Increase interest in on-line training

Senior involved: Petya Nedkova