Overall: the participants expressed a most positive impression of the seminars and programme.

A lot of ideas were presented throughout the week. Several participants wished that they have worked through the timeline of their own projects before arriving to the seminar (workshop 1). In addition to this there were a big wish to have more precise definitions of the themes in the seminar like “innovation” as well as the term “change”. What does the term means exactly?

Several participants were very positive about the more practical content of the programme this time. Very useful social initiative visits around Sabadell and in Barcelona.

Several participants found that the knowledge and the network between the participants have developed a lot and there was a common understanding and knowledge. Now the important issue is to concentrate on the communication of the results.

There is a lot of passion and hope. As one of the participants said: “We are now the change brokers. We should work to develop the projects”.

At the end of the seminar we understood that several participants wanted to join a new application for a future European senior network. This we will work towards in the beginning of 2018.

Thanks to all the participants at the seminar and for the effort you put into all your social initiatives!