What is MDSE?
Market Drayton Senior Enterprise
is working towards breaking down rural isolation. They spotted some problems in the rural communities due to government cuts regarding transportation to activities and services removed from the elderly in the community.

What is the main purpose of the initiative?
To come up with solutions for breaking down the rural isolation. Some of the solutions involve a local community bus, organising festivals, open a community drop in centre so the citizens can get back and forth in the rural area.

How far are you in the project?
Michelle, who is involved in the project, is telling us how the problem is not just affecting the elderly citizens, but also the young who needs to for example go to school every morning. Therefore the initiatives are for a broad target group and can help a lot of the people in the area of Chester to get involved in social activities.
The challenge is to get funding for the drop in centre and to sustain the initiatives.

You can read more about the project here: Market Drayton Community Enterprise