Mark Ferguson

Professional Background and current role
I am an experienced senior manager, involved in Business Development and Change Management.
I am responsible for translating ideas into practice, from project plan to implementation and evaluation. I was responsible for developing children centres from concept to operation, first in Greater Manchester then in Telford – growing from one to thirteen Centre’s.
Overseeing the transformation from Council provision, into Family centres in Staffordshire. Skilled in working across a range of organisations and cultures including local authorities, private enterprise, charities and the health service. I took the lead in integrating disparate services from many agencies into a cohesive organisation.

I am enthusiastic and keen to bring people together and have a desire to see community initiatives implemented.
My current work with the “Food Hub” has given me the opportunity and ability to link people in need and organisations together. When I saw the advert for the SSE Project from the University Centre in Shrewsbury I really felt my experience would be useful.

“I’m hoping that the SSE project will offer a framework to capture learning in the process of brokering community approaches and a chance to learn from other committees”