Workshop II “Mentors and motivation”

How will you mentor seniors?
The participants mentioned that it is important to find the people that are interested in the project instead of spending all their energy knocking on doors. The interest in the project can be different from each individual and some of the participants wanted to focus more on the individual level.

“At the end of the day we are all motivated by different things”

One of the participants talked about how seniors have the freedom to do what they want. He said:  “Our whole life we had a boss, but now we are free to decide for ourselves.”

Give seniors the space to make things wrong!
One senior used an example about when he learned to walk. He fell a lot, but learned to walk in the end. The process was disappointing for others, but he managed to succeed even though their were obstacles.

What is our motivation?
What will get me out of bed in the morning? A participant from Chester asked this question to the question what is our motivation. For him the project is about keeping him engaged. For a participant from Sabadell it was important to find the proper people and spend the energy, where it is needed the most for the project to be a success.

The group agreed on the importance of sharing experiences from each local community.