Poul Grosen Rasmussen

Age: 68

Education: Trained as a Locksmith. Graduated from University of Aarhus as a Master in philosophy and history of ideas.

Professional Background: Worked as a manager, a project manager, a fundraiser and as a consultant.

About: I am spending a lot of time in different senior-networks and member of different NGO-senior-organizations such as Senior Business and Seniors without Boarders.
I have also started my own business and created a website www.seniorvejen.com

Why am I involved: I have a lot of experience I would like to share with other seniors in Europe. I would like to develop my own business by networking with seniors in Europe, who deal with other challenges and have other experiences. I hope that the cooperation with the different groups of seniors in Europe will develop new ways and methods to help people with social problems.

In this project I am involved in:

World Food

Volunteer trips