Kurt Nielsen

Age: 62

Education: Master in Political Science

Professionel background: Top-level management in healthcare, C.E.O for Hospitals and Health Care.
Chairman of The european movement in Aarhus,( board member at national level ),  coordinator of the danish UN association teaching duty  in Aarhus, Vicechairman at the Community center Folkestedet, Initiator of the first responder organsation in Denmark.

About: In my job as a topmanager in Danish health care I have worked a lot with change processes and entrepreneurship. I went freelance in 2015 and I have continued to work with entrepreneurship in the voluntary Sector. I can use many of the competences I used as a topmanager. This project suits very much present interests in international coorperation. I am chairman of the European movement in Aarhus and a member of the board in the national organisation.

In this project I am involved in:

World Food

Volunteer trips

Rockband project