Get a quick insight to the project with top ten questions and answers:

What is Senior Social Entrepreneuring?
Senior Social Entrepreneuring is an Erasmus+ project. The project engages and mobilizes seniors to become entrepreneurs in their own local community.

What is the goal of Senior Social Entrepreneuring?
The goal is to solve social challenges and create changes in the community where needed – through the seniors. The seniors must be social change brokers, who can spot problems and see new solutions.

Who is a part of Senior Social Entrepreneuring?
There are 8 partners in the project from different countries. In six of the countries several seniors are involved and have started to make different projects.
Read more about the partners here.

What is an Erasmus+ project?
Erasmus+ is an EU education program. Therefore the partners get economic support from EU, and it rises the project from a national to European level.
As an educational program Erasmus+ also uses and contributes to new knowledge and experience. The partners can find support and knowledge from former projects, and their experiences can be spread among others.

Why should seniors be entrepreneurs?
Often seniors are seen as old and without value, when they are done working  – but in fact, seniors have a lot to offer. They have the drive to still be a part of society and to contribute. The seniors in this project want to be involved in their communities, and to use their many skills and life experiences. They should be entrepreneurs because they want to and because they have an experience, which we cannot find any other place.

What is social innovation?
Social Innovation is bringing the society into the process of finding a solution on a certain problem/challenge. Social innovation has the ability to create new ideas, products and solutions, which can be a part of the future welfare system.

Can you give an example?
Cycling without age – Everybody has a right to wind in their hair: http://cyclingwithoutage.org/

What is a social change broker?
A social change broker is a person who can find a social need, pursue it and try to find a solution that can bring value to the local community.

How do I get started?
It is easy! Most of us are already social change broker just by being good citizens. Just go out in your local community, talk to others and look at your social challenges. Maybe you need more playgrounds for the children or walkers for the elderly. If you have an idea, you can be a part of Senior Social Entrepreneuring.