Association Generations

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is an organization for adult education from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our Association works for people from all ages, by building social bridges, addressing variety of topics related to an aging workforce and intergenerational learning – to develop and realize soft skills trainings, diversity management, to enhance work-lifebalance and the compatibility of work with care-giving responsibilities. We try to assist the process of managing the differences in the light of the demographic changes.

We do research, develop and implement the experiences, principles and policies, connected with coexistence and communication between different communities, the principles of civil society and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values, contributing to building social bridge in the frame of the implemented LLL projects.

Our Association is EMIL – European Map of Intergenerational Learning ( with focus on the establishment of intergenerational working groups for initializing regional development activities.

We have been certified after a LQW system – a German quality management standard developed especially for VET and adult education institutions and have been involved in different LLP projects – LdV, 7th Framework, ERASMUS+ etc