Look at the community

What does not work here?
What should be improved or changed – or what should be created?
Do groups of citizens have needs and interests not met?
Could something be done?

This is some of the questions that the team of seniors should be asking in the beginning. By looking at the community and searching for local challenges, you will get a good start and quickly identify where change is needed.

When looking at the community 3 things should be remembered:

  1. Define community in a useful way. Community could be small or medium size towns or cities, a part of a bigger city, a suburb – or it could be a community of unemployed, elderly or young people.
  2. Go talk to people. Some needs and interest cannot just be spotted by taking a walk in the city. Go study certain things in the community and  talk to people
  3. Create small projects. The result should not be a long list of needs and interests, but rather realistic ideas and challenges that are interesting and important to the community.

French: Observer la communauté
Italian: Come osservare la comunità
Danish: Kig på Lokalsamfundet