Recruit and engage

The key challenge in the first part of the project is, of course, to try to recruit and engage a team of seniors.

This can be difficult, and you might need to talk to different community resources and stakeholders to be able to identify a team. It is a good idea to engage a team of seniors, such as 4 or 5 seniors.

In order to engage the seniors, it is important with lots of open dialogues. The dialogues should be straightforward and direct, and with focus upon the seniors ideas and capacities. The seniors are not supposed to be trained or educated prior to take action, but to learn on the flight, while carrying out experimentation with social change brokering.

In short, the most important factors in the beginning is:

  • introducing interested seniors to the project and to the local brokering challenges
  • allowing the seniors to take pride in participating in an important European and future-directed mission
  • finding out in what directions the experience and interests of the seniors go and what kind of support some of the seniors might need along the first steps
  • talking a lot about the different steps in social change brokering and about the local community
  • listening to the seniors, their experience and their ideas

French: Recruter et engager
Italian: Come fare per
Danish: Rekruttere og Motivere