Cambra de Comerc de Sabadell

In accordance with the Basic Law 4/2014 dated 1st April, the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell is a public corporation that represents the general interests of commerce, industry and services, within the Vallès area (north Barcelona) where it is responsible for exercising consultative and promotional functions, which are greatly consolidated by Law 14/2002 (the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation Law of Catalonia).

The Chamber is a legal body which is competent to act for the purpose of achieving its aims and exercising the functions that have been attributed to it by the Law.

All the activities performed by the Chamber of Commerce are performed with the objective of contributing to the economic development of our area and the development  significant growth of the companies based in its hinterland, channelling all industrial and commercial concerns and promoting the general interests of these companies.

The main services offered by the chamber of Commerce of Sabadell are: international promotion and assessment, training and education, innovation and competitiveness services and consultancy.