Description of the project

Senior Social Entrepreneuring is an Erasmus+Project. It is a community for creative and active seniors across Europe: Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Spain and England.

The project engages and mobilizes a team of seniors to take part in society and to create changes in their local communities. They are social change brokers, who can spot the need for change, gather relevant actors and activate other citizens.

Seniors have a lot to offer, and the project recognizes their value. Some have a useful network, others have developed a considerable experience along their working life. As a senior they can use these qualities. Their experiences are recognized and used to create valuable changes in society.

The project prepares the seniors with different tools, seminars and network:

  • Recruit the seniors
  • Local activities
  • Seminar in Pau
  • Seminar in Sabadell

French: Description du projet
Italian: Descrizione del progetto
Danish: Beskrivelse af projektet