Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus Municipality – City of Aarhus, is the second largest municipality in Denmark representing approximately 330.000 citizens, and as an organization employs more than 20.000 people.

The Department for Health and Care is the specific department directly represented in the project, as the primary target group of this department are citizens age 65+. However, collaboration across departments and involvement of their networks will of course be explored and occur, when considered valuable for the process.

The Department for Health and Care has a large network of associations – specifically for the elderly – but also has approximately 2000 volunteers directly connected to the organization being volunteers both of practical nature, but also at a democratic level representing the views of for instance the elderly based in nursing homes etc.

The City of Aarhus has a strong focus on supporting the development of active citizenship and rethinking the role of public authorities in providing welfare.

Therefore we look forward to a project where focus on engaging seniors in building strong communities and participate as drivers for social change connects very well with the overall Health Policy of Aarhus Municipality.