Event in Pau, France

The event was held on April 5th 2018. This event was the opportunity for Pistes Solidaires to present the results of the project not only about the local implementation, but also about the European implementation in general. More than 40 people attended the event and discovered not only the project itself, but also the stakes of social entrepreneurship.

Beyond the discussions themselves, it was the opportunity to organize a non-formal activity that allowed the participants to understand that no one is local from only one place. Some of them took part in a game where they were positioning themselves on an imaginary world map according to where they were born, where they lived, where their parents or grand-parents were born, etc. This activity was very powerful because of the nature of the French implementation of SSE.

The afternoon was particularly focused on the migrants, to present to new migrants who were not part of the project the results, to introduce them some of the migrants who took part to Palanca Solidaire. Since the event, most of the migrants present decided to join the implementation and they will continue to do it beyond SSE.