Event in Aarhus, Denmark

We held our Multiplier event the 16th of June 2018 at Folkestedet, Carl Blochs Gade 28, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. Here we arranged a dinner for 40 people sharing Indian food with other expats and they even enjoyed some Indian music before eating a plate of butter chicken.
After dinner we had invited the whole community to participate at our community center “Folkestedet”, where they could listen to Hammelbanden LIVE. They played Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and many more. In the meantime all participants were welcomed to hear more about our initiatives in the Erasmus+ project. Also one of the senior participants from Chester joined us this afternoon and told about the project he was involved in “Shrewsbury Food Hub”.

Number of participants: approximately 50 people signed a document saying that they participated in the event.
BUT… we didn’t had enough attended sheets and therefore we have estimated around 85 people attending the event throughout the day. Unfortunately it rained and this can have affected our number of participants.
Communication: We advertised in the local newspaper, in the weekly newspaper and at two Facebook sites.

Here you can see our invitation for the event

Below you can get a closer look at the event: