Social senior Entrepreneuring leans on seniors who decide to bring their know-how and their enthusiasm into a project in which they believe. There is one thousand one reasons for making a commitment as a voluntary in a project that goes beyond the personal needs.

One of the two figures of the project in Pau is an enthusiast with a quiet look. He kept of his professional career in the field of the quality of the dairy production the respect for the work made with consciousness. And of his years as a trainer in the food-processing installations the respect for the people who worked on it. There, while going alongside to the everyday life of the people who had not made long studies, he understood what means “the most fragil “, these French or foreigners who find themselves in trouble.

Quite naturally, when he retired, he joined a local association that set up a therapeutic garden, where people weakened by the disease come to get fresh ideas thanks to their work.

After that, he joined the System of non-trade Local Exchange created in Pau, defending pragmatically the idea that money does not have anything to do in the exchange of services. What did attract him in this association? The concept of exchanges, associated with the trust in each other.

Is it a coincidence if the proposal to decline the Senior Social Entrepreneuring project in Pau, on the topic of the welcome of asylum seekers, attracted this altruistic man? He just needs to mention the history of his wife, daughter of Polish “welcomed” refugees in France in 1946 to convince us that it is not the case.